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Online Marketing Solutions That Work

E-Audience is an online email marketing solution that works.
Our Email Marketing solution allows you to easily create, send, and track marketing campaigns.

Why use Email Marketing

Because it is an inexpensive means to communicate to your customer base, promote new offers, and drive sales.

Based on our experience in email marketing, your customers are willing to opt in to your email list to receive news, updates, and offers as long as it costs them nothing to do. It definitely costs you very little to collect emails and over time you will be amazed at how many emails you collect.

Most businesses nowawadays are implementing email marketing as standard practice. So can you afford to not do what your competitors are doing?

Today most consumers have accepted email marketing as an acceptable practice. Which means they are comfortable viewing emails and clicking on their offers. As long as you treat their information with respect as well as respect their wishes to opt out then they will be happy to view what you have to offer.

Now that you see the benefits of email marketing lets take a look at the features of the eaudience platform.

  • E-Audience has whitelist agreements with major ISPs to ensure high deliverability rates and feedback loops
  • Our easy to use web interface will make email marketing a snap
  • We help you design your email campaign to match your website look and feel
  • Track and view your email campaign stats to see how well your email marketing campaign is doing
  • Divide your emails into separate mailing lists to enure maximum and segmented deliveries
  • Create Opt in forms using our web interface
  • Easily import your email lists using csv format

Please email us at info@eaudiencemarketing.com for more information

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